Bachelor of Theology (Honours)

Integrated with practical experience, the Bachelor of Theology (Honours) is designed to develop advanced research skills in theology and is a stepping stone to postgraduate study. The course is theologically and biblically rich as well as vocationally oriented to enable you to pursue practical projects.

On site at St Francis College Milton

Study Mode

Full-time 1 years / Part-time 2 years


Course Highlights

You'll gain a broad understanding of many disciplines in theological study. You'll also develop high-level competence in theological research, and become proficient in a specialist field of study, such as Biblical studies, systematic theology, practical theology and Church history. You will examine trends in historical religious thought and practice, and explore the influence of disciplines such as theology, sociology, and anthropology on current religious issues, as well as of movements such as postmodernism, feminism, and post-colonialism. The course includes two coursework subjects in a specialist field and a dissertation.

Career Opportunities

The skills and attributes you gain in the Bachelor of Theology (Honours) are valued in a broad range of careers.

Satisfactory completion of 24 subjects (11 Core, 13 Electives)


Associate Degree in Theology

Satisfactory completion of 16 subjects (10 Core, 6 Electives)

Diploma of Theology 

Satisfactory completion of 8 subjects (4 Core, 4 Electives)

Exit Points


If studying with the intention to be ordained as a Minister, Core subjects listed below apply, as well as compulsory electives which are pre-selected by the Archbishop. See electives marked with (*).

If not studying towards ordained ministry, the core and elective subjects below form the requirements of the degree.


Choose from subjects below. It is possible to include 4 subjects from a non-theology discipline.

Biblical Languages

Biblical Studies

Church History

Systematic Theology

Practical Theology


Biblical Languages
Choose one subject

Biblical Studies

Church History

Systematic Theology

Practical Theology

Indigenous Studies

  • Aboriginal Cultures and Spirituality

The BTh is a Commonwealth-funded program and students may either pay up-front or defer fees through the Higher Education Contribution scheme (HECS). Find out more about CSU fees.