How to Apply

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Do you have:

  • An emerging sense of call to the ministry of Spiritual Direction and a desire to direct your giftedness in this ministry
  • The capacity to listen empathetically and sensitively
  • The life experience to respond with wisdom to a wide range of people
  • An openness to reflect on, and learn from, your own and others’ lived experience
  • A commitment to prayer and reflection, the discipline of study, written and group work
  • A mature and committed Christian faith, openness to struggle, preparedness to embrace paradox and mystery, willingness to change in response to the call of God, and openness to the whole community of faith
  • A commitment to contemplative way of life engaged in ongoing Spiritual Direction.

New Student Intakes

New student intakes happen twice a year - in April (at the first Intensive) and in October (at the Second Intensive.  If you are interested in applying for our first intake in April 2018, download the application form and other documentation here.