Academic Session 2 2018
SFC Prescribed Texts

Listed below are the prescribed texts for the subjects being taught at St Francis College during Academic Session 2 2018. The year of publication and ISBN given corresponds to the copy placed in Closed Reserve at the Roscoe Library; there may be other valid ISBNs that differ because of a different publisher or format. Please do not hesitate to contact your lecturer or the Roscoe Library staff if you're unsure of what you are needing.

If purchasing, may I suggest that you use ? This site provides a list of suppliers, showing the price of the item, price of delivery and overall cost, converted to AUD and listed from least to most expensive.


THL100 Introduction to Biblical Languages / Marie-Louise Craig

There is no prescribed text for this subject; it will be taught using Accordance Bible Software.


THL106 / THL409 Introduction to New Testament Studies / Jonathan Holland

Introducing the New Testament: A Historical, Literary and Theological Survey [2009] / Mark Allan Powell [9780801028687]


THL113 / THL461 Being the Church / Peter Kline

A Reader in Ecclesiology [2012] / Bryan Stone [ISBN: 9781409428565]
(This is freely available as an ebook through the CSU library website)

Introduction to Ecclesiology: Ecumenical, Historical & Global Perspectives [2002] / Veli-Matti Karkkainen  [ISBN: 9780830826889]


THL120 / THL491 Practical Theology / Doug Stevens

There is no prescribed text for this subject.


THL215 / THL407 Jesus the Christ / Peter Kline

Consider Jesus: Waves of Renewal in Christology [1990] / Elizabeth A. Johnson [ISBN: 9780824511616

Jesus: A Very Short Introduction  [2011] / Richard Bauckham [ISBN: 9780199575275]


THL315 / THL440 Anglican Foundations / Jonathan Holland [coordinator]

There is no prescribed text for this subject.


THL320 Homiletics / Penny Jones

The Practice of Preaching [2007] / Paul Scott Wilson [ISBN: 9780687645275]


THL322 Theology, the Arts and Film / Jonathan Sargeant

Theology and the Arts: Encountering God through Music, Art and Rhetoric [2000] / Richard Viladesau [ISBN: 9780809139279]

Arts, Theology and the Church: New Intersections [2005] / edited by Kimberly J. Vrudny and Wilson Yates [ISBN: 9780829816518]