Academic Session 1 2019
SFC Prescribed Texts

Listed below are the prescribed texts for the subjects being taught at St Francis College during Academic Session 1 2019. The year of publication and ISBN given corresponds to the copy placed in Closed Reserve at the Roscoe Library; there may be other valid ISBNs that differ because of a different publisher or format. Please do not hesitate to contact your lecturer or the Roscoe Library staff if you're unsure of what you are needing.

If purchasing, may I suggest that you use ? This site provides a list of suppliers, showing the price of the item, price of delivery and overall cost, converted to AUD and listed from least to most expensive.


THL102 / THL416 Biblical Hebrew 1 / Marie-Louise Craig

Beginning Biblical Hebrew: A Grammar and Illustrated Reader / John A. Cook and Robert D. Holmstedt ; illustrated by Philip Williams, 2013. [ISBN: 9780801048869]


THL105 / THL408 Introduction to Old Testament Studies / Malcolm Coombes

Reading the Old Testament: An Introduction, 2nd ed. / by Lawrence Boadt ; revised and updated by Richard Clifford and Daniel Harrington, 2012. [ISBN: 9780809147809]


THL111 / THL460 Introduction to Christian Theology / Peter Kline

The Christian Theology Reader, 5th ed. / edited by Alister E. McGrath, 2017. [ISBN: 9781118874387]
Biblical Truths: The Meaning of Scripture in the Twenty-First Century / Dale B. Martin, 2017. [ISBN: 9780300222838]


THL115 / THL490 Liturgical Theology / Jonathan Holland

Introduction to Christian Worship, 3rd rev. ed. / James F. White, 2000 [ISBN: 9780687091096]

THL131/ THL410 Early Church History / Josephine Inkpin

Doctrine and Practice in the Early Church, 2nd ed. / Stuart G. Hall, 2005 [ISBN: 9780281055098]
A New Eusebius: Documents Illustrating the History of the Church to AD 337, rev. ed. / edited by J. Stevenson. Revised with additional documents by W.H.C. Frend, 1987 [ISBN: 9780281042685]
Creeds, Councils, and Controversies: Documents Illustrating the History of the Church, AD 337-461, 3rd ed. / edited by J. Stevenson ; revised by W.H.C. Frend, 2012 [ISBN: 9780801039706]

THL203 Paul and His Letters / Marian Free

Apostle of the Crucified Lord: A Theological Introduction to Paul & His Letters, 2nd ed. / Michael J. Gorman, 2017. [ISBN: 9780802874283]


THL208 The Synoptic Gospels / David Neville

An introduction to the Gospels and Acts / Charles B. Puskas & David Crump, 2008. [ISBN: 9780802845573]


THL308 The Prophetic Literature / Marie-Louise Craig

Interpreting Prophetic Literature: Historical and Exegetical Tools for Reading the Prophets / James D. Nogalski, 2015. [ISBN: 9780664261207]
Introduction to the Prophets / Paul L. Redditt, 2008. [ISBN: 9780802828965]

THL316 / THL468 The Triune God / Cathy Laufer

The Trinitarian Controversy / translated and edited by William G. Rusch, 1980. [ISBN: 9780800614102]


THL354 Youth, Culture and Mission / Jonathan Sargeant

There is no prescribed text for this subject.

THL535 Seminar in Biblical and Theological Interpretation / Marie-Louise Craig

The Art of Biblical Narrative, rev. & updated ed. / Robert Alter, 2011. [ISBN: 9780465022557]
Narrative Criticism of the New Testament: An Introduction / James L. Resseguie, 2005. [ISBN: 9780801027895]