Theological study is a quest, one in which student and teacher engage together in the search for deeper understanding of the components that make up the Christian faith.  Our various subjects in theology are open to anyone.  Many of our students are candidates for ordination but the majority of people are simply seeking a deeper understanding of their Christian faith. 

Do I have to take a degree?

As a member of the School of Theology at Charles Sturt University we offer theological courses [link to ‘Degrees and Courses’] at various levels, from a University Certificate to a PhD.  The most common courses are the Graduate Certificate in Theology; the BTh and then the MTh and PhD.  You can also opt to take a single subject that is not linked to a degree program.  In many cases there is also the option to audit a subject.

What is Auditing? 

Auditing an awesome subject means attending and participating in classes, and if desired, completing any assignments and receiving a mark.  However, auditing precludes formal university recognition, that is, receiving any university academic credit.  The appeal of auditing is that it is not as expensive and is a good option for those who want to study an individual subject that is relevant to their particular ministry area, or those who want to further their theological understanding at a tertiary level without seeking to gain a degree.  

How expensive is tertiary theological study?

Costs vary according to the level of study (Certificate or BTh or PhD) and whether you are taking the subjects for credit or by auditing.   The cost for credit of a theology subject for a BTh degree is set by CSU and is currently around $800-1,000.  This is similar to other programs in the Humanities.  

The BTh is a Commonwealth-funded program and students may either pay up-front or defer fees through the Higher Education Contribution scheme (HECS).  Fees for post-graduate programs can also be paid up-front or deferred through the FEE-Help program.  

The cost to audit a subject is $300 and this can be reduced for pensioners and those on concessions by negotiation with the Principal SFC.  For audited and single subject studies, deferred payment is not possible.  

Find out more about CSU fees   [link to CSU fees]

Are classes at SFC only?

Lectures are given at SFC, Milton.  However, those living some distance away can log in via ‘Go To Meeting’ and listen and participate through Go To Meeting.  As well, all lectures are recorded and can be made available later in audio or audio-visual formats.

How Do I Enrol?    

Enrolment applications are submitted on-line through the CSU School of Theology web site. [link to CSU School of Theology: enrolment] 

If it helps you may wish to speak first to the SFC Academic Dean, Dr Peter Kline, ph: 3514 7418 who can provide advice on subjects and courses that meet your own needs and also help you to enrol.