Seminar in Biblical and Theological Interpretation


This subject addresses, through focused seminars, in-depth research of particular persons, movements, events, eras, topics, and themes in Biblical interpretation and theology. It traces recent developments in Biblical Studies, with particular emphasis on the development of Scriptural themes and the methods of representative contemporary Biblical scholars.


One Semester



Subject Points



Post Graduate

Delivery Mode

On site at St Francis College Milton


Master of Theology and Bachelor of Theology (Honours) students only

Resseguie, J. L., (2005), Narrative criticism of the New Testament: an introduction. ISBN 9780801027895

Alter, R. (ed.), (2011), The Art of Biblical Narrative. ISBN 9780465022557 

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This subject will cover the following topics

  • Analysis of a current issue in Biblical interpretation and theology: The subject coordinator will select a relevant aspect of Biblical interpretation or theology upon which lectures and readings will be based, and upon which the student will prepare and present a major research essay.

  • Participation in Seminar presentations: Students will attend regular seminars in which the set topic is discussed with regard to its historical and contemporary relevance. Key attention will be paid to the methodological, interpretative, and theological significance of the chosen topic.

  • Submission of substantial essay: Students will develop and present a substantial essay which attends to the exegetical, hermeneutical, and theological issues involved in the specific issue in Biblical interpretation or theology.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this subject, students should:

  • be able to demonstrate an in-depth understanding of a current issue in Biblical interpretation or theology

  • be able to offer an informed account of the historical and theological relevance of a particular issue in Biblical interpretation or theology

  • be able to articulate critically the contemporary significance of a relevant issue in Biblical interpretation or theology.

  • be able to analyse and critique the selected topic and its impact upon particular exegetical or theological problems

  • be able to evaluate critically the particular research principles and methodology appropriate for a specific issue in Biblical interpretation or theology

  • be able to demonstrate appropriate academic engagement and discussion skills through interaction with the subject coordinator and fellow students