1.2 Why do people engage with these faith concepts that can’t be proven?

To begin…

What points gave you new insight to this topic?

What ideas caught your attention in this episode?

What did you have a strong reaction to?

What surprised you?

What’s new for you?

What points reinforced your own understanding about this topic?

What do you have questions about?

To go deeper…

What concepts/words to describe God resonate with you?  Identify those that can be proven.

Some suggest that religious belief plays a role in human survival, that the idea of hope, and questioning our purpose give us reason to live. What is your response to that?

What is it about humans that desires a connection with something bigger than us?

Jo Inkpin compared science to prose and religion to poetry. In what ways does religion/faith bring life to you and others you know?

Since God inspires faith, do humans ‘need’ faith or just ‘want’ it?