4.1 Is Evil real?

to begin…

What points gave you new insight to this topic? 

What ideas caught your attention in this episode? 

What did you have a strong reaction to? 

What surprised you? 

What’s new for you? 

What points reinforced your own understanding about this topic? 

What do you have questions about?

Going deeper…

What do you think about the concept of structural evil – laws, practices, assumptions that keep people poor, enslaved and misunderstood? 

Identify structural evils that impact your world...think of an injustice you feel passionate about and describe the structural evils that allow it to continue. 

Where do you think evil comes from?  

In what contexts do people use the word “evil” in our society? And to what effect?  

Fr Bruce Boase suggests that we can start dealing with evil by nurturing our children well. What else can we do? 

Marian Free identifies that the understanding of there being good vs evil is a 1st century concept that is very present in the New Testament. What Bible verses/passages/stories speak of evil? What do they teach us about the nature of the world, human interaction and choice? In what ways is that understanding helpful to 21st century humans? Suggest new terms that could help us think and talk about the nature of evil in our society? 

“The presence of God is what stands and shines light in the places that we recognise as evil” Penny Jones How does this idea impact your thoughts about and experience of evil?