4.2 Is a person born evil, or do they become evil, or is there another interpretation for behaviour that we perceive to be intrinsically evil?

to begin…

What points gave you new insight to this topic? 

What ideas caught your attention in this episode? 

What did you have a strong reaction to? 

What surprised you? 

What’s new for you? 

What points reinforced your own understanding about this topic? 

What do you have questions about? 

going deeper…

Is there a reason for evil to exist? Would we be better off without it? 

Human beings can make choices that hurt and degrade others. Where does the brokenness come from? And how do we make sense of that? What can we do to help? 

To what extent is a discussion of the nature of evil helpful? 

Are there places, times, situations that would be helped by a discussion of the nature of evil? What/where/how? 

Peter Kline asks some great questions that have occupied theologians and lay people for millennia, spend some time with the following questions and see what you think. 

Are we born sinful or does sinfulness come later?