4.4 What happens when the Church allows evil actions within its walls? Where is God in that?

to begin…

What points gave you new insight to this topic? 

What ideas caught your attention in this episode? 

What did you have a strong reaction to? 

What surprised you? 

What’s new for you? 

What points reinforced your own understanding about this topic? 

What do you have questions about? 

Going Deeper…

In recent years it has become very clear that individuals within the Church are capable of perpetrating great harm. Several responses suggest that God is with the hurt ones. In what way is God with those who perpetrate harm? Where should we be? 

“Part of Christianity’s message ultimately is that you don’t have to be afraid of confronting disorder and brokenness and evil...you don’t need to turn away from it” In what ways could this idea give us a way to move forward and to prevent harm in the future? 

Where would you say your faith lies? In God and Jesus? In the Church? How do we recover faith that may be damaged by evil actions within the Church, both our own faith and that of our communities?