Undergraduate courses

The three main Undergraduate courses studied at SFC are the Graduate Certificate in Theology (Grad Cert Theol), the Bachelor of Theology (BTh) and the BTh with Honours (BTh Hons).   These are the core courses, but are not exhaustive of what can be studied at SFC.  

  • The Bachelor of Theology. The BTh consists of 24 subjects covering four broad areas:

    • biblical studies: Introduction to the Old Testament; Intro to the New Testament; the Prophets, the Gospels, Paul and his letters, etc

    • church history: early church history to 600CE; the Reformation; the 19th and 20th century global missionary movement; etc)

    • doctrine: introduction to Christian Theology, the Trinity; Christology; ; the Church; Anglicanism; the Holy Spirit; etc

    • practical theology: preaching, mission and ministry, liturgy, etc

The course may be studied either full time (eight subjects per year) or part time. Some subjects are offered in ‘intensive’ mode, that is, over two or more weekends rather than week by week over a Semester.  The SFC Registrar, Suzie Anthonisz, can let you know the timetable of any particular subject. She can be reached at registrar@ministryeducation.org.au, or 3514 7411.   

  • The BTh (Hons). The Honours program is a year-long addition to the BTh intended to develop research skills and deepen knowledge in a chosen area of theological study. The course consists of a dissertation and two further subjects from an selective list.


  • The Graduate Certificate in Theology. This is an admirable introductory theological course consisting of four subjects: Introduction to Old Testament Studies, Introduction to New Testament Studies, Introduction to Christian Theology and an elective from a wide range of theological subjects. The grad Cert Theol can be used as the basis for continuing to study for a BTh.


Graduate Courses

The two main Post-graduate courses studied at SFC are the Master of Theology (MTh) and the Doctor of Philosophy. (PhD).   There are more courses that can be undertaken but these are the core ones. 

  • The Master of Theology provides an opportunity to develop advanced critical knowledge and skills in a theological area, and the application of this knowledge and skills to contemporary society and church. The MTh is studied usually through a guided research project and three subjects chosen from a select list of electives.


  • The Doctor of Philosophy offers graduates who have an excellent academic record and proven research skills the opportunity to conduct research at a level that is going to contribute to the knowledge base of theology. An appropriate supervisor will assist the student in developing a research proposal and the title for the research, and guide the student during the research process and thesis preparation. Those who wish to undertake a PhD should first contact the Academic Dean to discuss possible research topics.


Further Information

For details of the above programs and more, including admission requirements and fees, please visit the CSU School of Theology website.  

For details of the subjects offered at St Francis College, including subject rationale, learning outcomes and syllabus outline, please visit the Subject Précis document.

To enrol in a subject or degree course, please visit the Future Students website.

For general information, including enrollment process, subject availability and timetable information, please contact the Registrar, Suzie Anthonisz, at registrar@ministryeducation.org.au or on (07)3514 7411.