5.3 Forgiveness can be very difficult. Are there times when forgiveness is not necessary or appropriate?

to begin…

What points gave you new insight to this topic? 

What ideas caught your attention in this episode? 

What did you have a strong reaction to? 

What surprised you? 

What’s new for you? 

What points reinforced your own understanding about this topic? 

What do you have questions about? 

going deeper…

In your experience, can forgiveness be forced or given falsely? 

People talk about the grief process. Does forgiveness have a process too? What might it look like? 

We can all imagine situations where forgiveness would be almost impossible. Discuss the idea that the ability to forgive can be a gift from God, to fee a person from a burden. 

To what extent does forgiveness involve forgetting? 

What stories from the New Testament have taught you about forgiveness?