5.4 How does grace impact y/our lives day to day?

to begin…

What points gave you new insight to this topic? 

What ideas caught your attention in this episode? 

What did you have a strong reaction to? 

What surprised you? 

What’s new for you? 

What points reinforced your own understanding about this topic? 

What do you have questions about? 

going deeper…

What would change if we all saw the world through God’s eyes? Locally? Nationally? World-wide? 

Personalise that idea...choose one relationship with which you struggle. Ask for the gift of forgiveness and lean into God’s grace. Look at that relationship with the eyes of God. What changes? 

Grace does away with shame and lifts us up to be fully alive. What experience have you had of this throughout your life? 

Are there times when you didn't name “grace” working at the time, but in retrospect you suspect God may have been at work?