St Francis goes to Hong Kong

Jonathan Sargeant with Senior Lecturer Matthew Jones and the class

Jonathan Sargeant with Senior Lecturer Matthew Jones and the class

Jonathan Sargeant recently traveled to Ming Hua University in Hong Kong to lecture with students there, a first for the Anglican Theological College.

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Working with an attentive group of postulants, school teachers and other theological students, Jonathan facilitated activities, lectures, group assignments and theological reflection to lead the group through 12 weeks of lectures in five action-packed days.

“This was a first for Ming Hua”, Jonathan said. “This was the first time an intensive subject has been delivered. It was a first for me too, lecturing overseas! But the students were great, with incisive questions, always eager to know more.”

“THL366 Christian Education is a subject that is very suited to mixtures of lectures, group work, discussion, and featured a unique version of online integration, too. We used devices continually to share information, thinking and research. Ultimately it was a great experience and I’d look forward to doing it again!”

Primary Ichthus Jan 2019 Wrap-Up

Gosh Primary Ichthus was such a blast everyone - we had the BEST time. Check out some snapshots and read all about it on our new blog post right here

We had 47 campers join us this year for our theme of 'The Quest'. So what did we get up to you wonder? So much and all of it fun. We kicked off our first night of camp with our top secret mission to recover our missing agent - code name: Bishop. They had some help along the way from a range of interesting characters including a princess, an old man, a zombie, a storm trooper, an adventurer, and a tree - who often left groups wandering around the campsite wondering where on earth she was hiding.

We also visited the Aqua park next door once again and it never gets old, there is nothing quite like running around a giant inflatable water park, eating sausages for lunch and doing it all over again to make a large group of kids really exhausted - not that that stopped the dance party/sing-a-long that occurred the way home. So what do you do with a bunch of very tired campers and leaders after such a great day? A movie night with LOTS of popcorn. Our final night of camp was a big puzzle night full of fun 'puzzle' rooms which complemented the final day really well alongside the always great and very gross messy games. While the games and activities are such a great part of camp, we also had the opportunity to really explore our theme in a different way and exploring what it means to run the race of faith in the light of Paul's letter to Timothy. Michael and Sharon did some amazing work by exploring this idea through a very fun video about the 8 stages of a marathon race. Over the course of camp we unpacked these different stages and explored what they could look like in our lives and learned about what other people have experience in their journey of faith within the bible.

Overall camp was an absolute blast and there are some great memories there, so a quick final BIG BIG Thank you to everyone who made camp possible - the leaders, the campers, the parents, and everyone who has prayed for and supported Primary Ichthus 2019 in both the small and big ways.

Who really created Anglicanism?

Here is a link to the latest contribution by one of our lecturers to Anglican FOCUS. If you found this study interesting and would like to explore Church History more deeply, St Francis College, Milton is offering the subject Early Church History in the first semester of 2019 and two subjects, European Reformations and Anglican Foundations in the second semester of 2019. For more information, please contact SFC on 3514 7403 or email

2019 Subjects Now Available!


Choose from:

  • Biblical Hebrew 1

  • Liturgical Theology

  • Early Church History

  • Intro to Old Testament

  • Intro to Christian Theology

  • Synoptic Gospels

  • Paul and his Letters

  • Triune God

  • Prophetic Literature

  • Youth, Culture and Mission

  • Biblical and Theological Interpretation

To enrol, or for more information, please contact Suzie on (07) 3514 7403 or


Exciting New Course available at SFC in 2019

The Graduate Certificate in Professional Supervision (Pastoral/Clinical) is a Nationally Registered Training Course which will be offered in Brisbane for the first time at SFC in 2019.

The course gives clergy and/or therapists the opportunity to study the theory and practice of professional supervision.

Delivered part time over one year, this course will be held at St Francis College Milton, and is made up of 8 days of intensive classroom training, online and work based practice and input.

To register, please complete the application form online at A comprehensive brochure can also be downloaded from this site. For more information Contact Dale Keenan on 3514 7429 or Applications close: 15 February 2019.

Junior Ichthus Fun!

Junior Ichthus was held in the Sep/Oct school holidays this year with over 40 campers coming together from across the Diocese for a week filled with great fun. The theme was ‘Reckless – Love, Grace, Faith’ in which Fr Dan Berris (hailing from North Lakes Anglican) reminded us of the power of God’s love and grace; and how reckless it can seem to us and the world. There was also heaps of fun to be had throughout the week with messy games, a zombie apocalypse, and the amazing race around Mt Tamborine. Great memories were made and some great lifelong friendships have been kick-started. Our next camp is for those starting grades 4-7 in 2019 in January 2019 called Primary Ichthus. Registrations open soon so check out all the details at

2018 Valedictory Eucharist

2018 Valedictorians: Scott Windred, Danni Clark, Erika Williams, Beryl Nielsen, Sue Barker, Aaron Coates and Rick Gummow.

2018 Valedictorians: Scott Windred, Danni Clark, Erika Williams, Beryl Nielsen, Sue Barker, Aaron Coates and Rick Gummow.

On Sunday 28 October, we celebrated the 2018 SFC Valedictory Eucharist in the Chapel of the Holy Spirit. We thank the valedictorians for their contibutions to the College and wish them well as they begin the next stage in their journeys. Members of Mothers’ Union Brisbane presented a diocesan stole to those who are to be ordained in December. Following the service, the gathered crowd continued the celebrations on the lawns of Old Bishopsbourne.

This occasion also serves as an opportunity to award the 2018 prizes to formation students and to announce the Senior Student for 2019. Congratulations to these recipients:

  • The Canon Ivor Church Encouragement Bursary (given to a first or second year student): Lauren Martin.

  • The Jessie Worthy Prize (for a student who has contributed substantially to the SFC community): Jonathan Kemp.

  • The David Hughes Memorial Bursary (for a student from, or interested in serving in, a rural area): Michael Calder.

  • The John Howard Steer Bursary (for service to the College): Susan Barker.

  • The Senior Student for 2019 will be Ann Edwards.

Other photos from this occasion can be seen on the St Francis College facebook page.

Did you know?

The Roscoe Library has a book club. Reading with Spiritual Eyes meets quarterly to explore works of fiction so that groups of friends, individuals and work colleagues can gather to discuss their insights. Generic questions are provided below to assist with discussions. Towards the end of term, an opportunity is provided to gather at the Roscoe Library for further discussion, refreshments and to ‘launch’ the next book.

You’re invited to join with us on Tuesday, 27 November at 5:30pm for a book chat exploring Term 4's book, Boy Swallows Universe by Trent Dalton. Click here for more details and to register (for catering and set-up purposes).

Blessing of the Pets

St Francis Day (4th Oct) was celebrated with the annual Blessing of the Pets at St Francis College. All creatures, great and small – and even some virtual ones - behaved beautifully as they were blessed then given a treat by the Rev’d Penny Jones.

A midday Eucharist, remembering Saint Francis’ devotion to God and his love for all of God's creation was also celebrated by College staff, alumni and friends and was followed by a shared lunch.

Where have Anglicans come from?

Read a brief overview of Anglican foundations by SFC Lecturer in Church History Jo Inkpin, which appeared originally in an article in this month's The Eagle (the magazine of St John's Cathedral Brisbane). Addressing an issue which is often simplistically treated, not least by critics from outside Anglican circles, this article “The Origins of Anglicanism – what difference did Henry Vlll actually make?” is a must-read.

Stunning Library Donation

Excitement grows as over a thousand quality books enter the Roscoe Library collection.

After the death of Peter Geoffrey Mann in May of this year, his book collection was gifted to the Roscoe Library.  For many years, Peter was a valued member of the Cathedral community, which he served in many ways. He amassed an enormous collection of books from a wide range of academic fields, especially theology, Biblical studies, religions other than Christianity, philosophy, mythology, classical studies, politics, literature, art and history. In excess of a thousand books, the vast majority of which were in pristine condition and of recent publication, were delivered to the Roscoe Library. The Library staff were overwhelmed by the generosity of this donation and also by the breadth, depth and quality of the books.  Around 400 have now been added to the collection and many others will follow from this treasure trove. Some, of course, have not been added as they are either titles we already hold or are outside the remit of the library. These will be sold, once the process of evaluating all these resources has been completed. Watch this space for an announcement of the date of the sale.

Introducing The Community of The Way

What are your plans for 2019?  

Are you or someone you know interested in living an intentional life: purposefully exploring life's questions; training in community engagement; and engaging with the local community for justice?

An intentional community of young adults is starting at St Francis College in 2019. The Community will seek to follow the way of Jesus with prayerful hearts , enquiring minds, and compassionate lives. There are both residential and non-residential options.

For more information visit: