Stunning Library Donation

Excitement grows as over a thousand quality books enter the Roscoe Library collection.

After the death of Peter Geoffrey Mann in May of this year, his book collection was gifted to the Roscoe Library.  For many years, Peter was a valued member of the Cathedral community, which he served in many ways. He amassed an enormous collection of books from a wide range of academic fields, especially theology, Biblical studies, religions other than Christianity, philosophy, mythology, classical studies, politics, literature, art and history. In excess of a thousand books, the vast majority of which were in pristine condition and of recent publication, were delivered to the Roscoe Library. The Library staff were overwhelmed by the generosity of this donation and also by the breadth, depth and quality of the books.  Around 400 have now been added to the collection and many others will follow from this treasure trove. Some, of course, have not been added as they are either titles we already hold or are outside the remit of the library. These will be sold, once the process of evaluating all these resources has been completed. Watch this space for an announcement of the date of the sale.