Primary Ichthus Jan 2019 Wrap-Up

Gosh Primary Ichthus was such a blast everyone - we had the BEST time. Check out some snapshots and read all about it on our new blog post right here

We had 47 campers join us this year for our theme of 'The Quest'. So what did we get up to you wonder? So much and all of it fun. We kicked off our first night of camp with our top secret mission to recover our missing agent - code name: Bishop. They had some help along the way from a range of interesting characters including a princess, an old man, a zombie, a storm trooper, an adventurer, and a tree - who often left groups wandering around the campsite wondering where on earth she was hiding.

We also visited the Aqua park next door once again and it never gets old, there is nothing quite like running around a giant inflatable water park, eating sausages for lunch and doing it all over again to make a large group of kids really exhausted - not that that stopped the dance party/sing-a-long that occurred the way home. So what do you do with a bunch of very tired campers and leaders after such a great day? A movie night with LOTS of popcorn. Our final night of camp was a big puzzle night full of fun 'puzzle' rooms which complemented the final day really well alongside the always great and very gross messy games. While the games and activities are such a great part of camp, we also had the opportunity to really explore our theme in a different way and exploring what it means to run the race of faith in the light of Paul's letter to Timothy. Michael and Sharon did some amazing work by exploring this idea through a very fun video about the 8 stages of a marathon race. Over the course of camp we unpacked these different stages and explored what they could look like in our lives and learned about what other people have experience in their journey of faith within the bible.

Overall camp was an absolute blast and there are some great memories there, so a quick final BIG BIG Thank you to everyone who made camp possible - the leaders, the campers, the parents, and everyone who has prayed for and supported Primary Ichthus 2019 in both the small and big ways.