"So What Does Anglican Mean?"

You’re at a barbeque and conversation with some new friends takes an interesting turn. You mention you went to church that morning, an Anglican one in fact. The next question? “So what’s Anglican mean?”

And you’d say…?

The new St Francis College Short Course: Being Anglican is designed to enable you to answer that question. Five episodes (mostly under 10 minutes each except for the big finish!) come with discussion questions, transcripts so you can ponder more deeply and extra reading in case you want to ponder even more deeply still.

The content for the short course comes from a session Archbishop Phillip led in which he explored the word ‘Anglican’ in an interesting and unique way. You’ll have to watch to find out what that means!

Jonathan and Fiona love making these short courses for St Francis College and the next one is in planning at the moment.

Anyway the promo for Being Anglican is above to give you a taste, but the full course, free of charge is here… Enjoy!!