To inspire your faith: Faith Asking Questions

St Francis College is happy to announce "FAITH ASKING QUESTIONS", the new St Francis College online short course. Our team at FormEDfaith, Jonathan Sargeant and Fiona Hammond made it!

There are 17 experts answering 27 big faith questions as voted by members of the Anglican Diocese Southern Queensland.
These are questions addressed in ways you'll never forget, to inspire your faith forever!

We’ve grouped the 27 questions under 6 themes. Here they are…
1. Religion and why it makes a difference
2. The Creator and being created
3. Who am I and what am I here for?
4. Evil and what to do about it
5. Grace and learning to forgive, learning to hope
6. Life, death and what comes next

The course is for personal or group use, or you can curate your path through the course too. There’s over 3 hours of intriguing video to inspire your faith, along with discussion/reflection questions and transcripts for study afterwards. It’s great!