Faith formation and education is crucial to a healthy church in action.

The Anglican Church in Southern Queensland takes that seriously and employs numerous strategies in that direction. 

The team of Jonathan Sargeant and Fiona Hammond have currently focused their work in these areas...(with some other exciting projects going on behind the scenes!)

The formedfaith website

The 360 Project

The Pilgrim Program

Here's some detail...

The Formedfaith website

The FormedFaith website is a place to share ideas, resources, events, programs and anything else that will support parishes and individuals in the growth of their Christian faith.  It's been developed by the good people at St Francis College for this diocese but if you're from elsewhere feel free to stop by and have a look around!

And in case you've been wondering, formedfaith doesn't mean that the journey is over.  Far from it!  The journey of growth in faith is lifelong, but formedfaith was chosen as a name for this site because it encapsulates what we're aiming for. It also features formation, education and faith, the three key ideas we're focusing on.

The ideas, news and resources you'll see posted across the pages fall under the formedfaith banner but there's more going on across the diocese in these areas too. 


The 360 Project

Since its inception, Bible360: Introduction to the Bible has been delivered in parishes in every region of the diocese to thousands of participants.  Feedback from the seminar has remained overwhelmingly positive with, at last count, 92% more excited about the Bible and 93% planning to read it more. 98% of participants said they would recommend the seminar to a friend.

Now that the work begun by this seminar has been expanded as the 360 Project, more seminars are being created under three streams: BIBLE360, FAITH360 and MISSION360.

The BIBLE360 stream features an ‘Introduction to the Prophets’ seminar which has received comments like “Awesome start to a long journey” and “Great series and can’t wait for more installments”.  On that note, new seminars are in production.  Next year will see the launch of ‘Bible360: Introduction to John’, and ‘Bible360 The Letters of Paul’.

The FAITH360 stream features exploration of issues such as prayer, worship, theology and everything to do with applying faith to daily life.  FAITH360: Praying in Anglican Ways is our flagmast offering here.  This seminar helps people identify their own particular flavour/s of spirituality. From there, we examine the various threads of Anglican history and tradition to uncover styles of prayer.  People can discover forms of prayer which might suit them best!  Coming soon in this stream is FAITH360: Exploring the Trinity.

The MISSION360 stream helps people explore just how it is we can be God's people in the world.  We've been trialing some material in this area and 2018 should see the launch of MISSION360: Becoming More Welcoming and MISSION360: Building (Up) Your Community.  Exciting!


THE Pilgrim Program

Pilgrim: A course for the Christian Journey is an eight book program produced by the Church of England. Parishes across Southern Queensland are finding this material terrific for new and experienced Christians. It's particularly suitable for new leaders to begin their journey with small groups.

There's training material and more info about the course itself, including some video interviews with the authors over at www.formedfaith.org. Have a look!



And let's not forget EfM too.  We are big supporters of EfM here at St Francis College!

EfM is currently renewing their website but if you are interested in knowing more about this rigorous, three year program of theological reflection and study, contact Greg Davies.  He's the National Director and would love to help you!  Here's some details...


The Rev’d Greg Davies, National Director of EfM in Australia

Jude Walker, EfM Administrative Assistant (Jude is in the office on Fridays only)

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36 Fisher Street

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EfM – Australia, PO Box 325

Tel.  03 5428 4038

email:  info[at]efma.info