Faith Asking Questions (FAQs)

It's great that you made it to our SFC Short Course: Faith Asking Questions. These 27 questions, grouped under 6 themes were chosen by people across the Diocese (maybe you!) through a survey about life’s enduring puzzles. 

We love the way our speakers got into these topics! Note that speakers were asked to share a story or two, an idea that has inspired them, or something to spark conversation. Though you get 3 to 5 angles on each question, no one here has presented a definitive answer - there is much more to say on each of these complex human issues. That’s where you and your small group come in!

Conversations about these themes are age-old, and we have captured part of our generation’s contribution to these conversations. You are invited to contribute too!   

There are so many exciting ways to experience this SFC Short Course: Faith Asking Questions. 

If you want to choose one question at a time, check out the question menu here. 

If your group wants to explore a whole theme, see the six themes here. 

If you are looking for some creative suggestions for using the material, check this out. 


Having peaceful discussions about faith things

We are so fortunate that the Anglican Communion encompasses a range of interpretations on some theological issues. Many Anglican Christians understand that we can each apply reason to interpret experience and tradition. In this way, our thoughts combine to make the rich tapestry of understanding that is Anglicanism. With a prayerful approach, and willingness to listen and be open to the experience of others, it's possible to take part in the great Anglican idea that we can express unity in diversity. 

Here are some hints about how to discuss issues of faith with respect and openness.

A TED-style talk by Jonathan Sargeant from St Francis College and FormEDfaith…








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