What are St Francis College Short Courses?

Imagine a locally-produced multi-episode course with videos featuring faith experts and discussion questions designed to be used by you on your own or with a group.

That’s what SFC Short Courses are!

Each Short Course features a number of episodes. Each episode features a video and questions for reflection or discussion. You can use them on your own or with a group.

If you use the short course with a group, you could watch each week’s video at home and then gather to have the discussion, referring to the video on a tablet of TV if you need to. That’s called the “Flipped Classroom” method!

Comments from users of the first two seasons:

 “I learnt more about my faith through ’What Matters About Jesus’ than any other program, ever.”

“I watched these on the train and then couldn’t stop thinking about them for a month afterwards”.

“’Being Anglican’ is the best, most accessible summary of what it is to be an Australian Anglican Christian I’ve ever found”.

“Our group used these at Lent and hasn’t stopped meeting since”.

“These videos get you thinking. I filled up my journal with reflections since watching them. Can’t wait for more!”

Archbishop Phillip and Bishop Jonathan would like to welcome you to SFC Short Courses.  Spare a minute to watch and catch the enthusiasm!

A welcome from Archbishop Phillip Aspinall

A welcome from Bishop Jonathan, Principal of St Francis College