First SFC Short Course live now!

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What Matters About Jesus is our first SFC Short Course.  It'll be the first of many!

Featuring interviews and teaching by lecturers and other faith experts, What Matters about Jesus is a six episode course designed for individual or group use.  Each video is around 25 minutes in length and comes with discussion questions created for in-depth reflection.

You could do this Short Course on your own as a part of your daily devotion.  Or you could use it with your bible study or cell group, one episode a week.  Our trial testing suggests you'll get a lot of talk generated.

Each video focuses on one aspect of Jesus, phrased as a question.  Each of these major questions inspired six or more sub-questions for our interviewees.  The end result is a feast of great teaching and ideas. 

Click here to be welcomed to the course by Archbishop Phillip and Bishop Jonathan...

Click here to see the course itself!